Another Choice
For Black Children, Inc.
Changing the world by embracing the belief that children grow better in families. You really can make the world a better place, one child at a time.
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~ Fred and Bettye

We came in for one son. We made it clear from the start. We only wanted one child. Well, we learned early on that Another Choice doesn’t know anything about one. The staff kept preaching to us 'keep your hearts open...'Well, we ended up adopting two boys. They were meant for us.

~ Raymond

I never thought I would be an adoptive dad. The odds were certainly not in my favor. I had come from a very difficult background and even spent some time in foster care. But, I made a promise to myself that one day, I would adopt. Like so many folks, I came in with the intentions of adopting one son. But, I have been blessed to become an adoptive parent of two sons. I cannot imagine my life without them.

~ Tommy and Sharon

Sharon and I had been married for eight years. Prior to our marriage we had talked about having birth children, but we also wanted to adopt. Our first son, Oree came to us when he was barely eight months old. Since his adoption, we have been blessed with three more children: Zion, Isaiah and our birth son, Solomon.
Another Choice is more than an agency- they are part of our family. The support they have provided to us has been unbelievable.

~ Janice

If you are looking to adopt an older child, you should look no further than Another Choice. They were right there with me during both of my adoptions. I adopted a 12 year old girl, and a couple of years later, adopted a teenager. During my first adoption, which was a rocky start, I did wonder if the agency would hang in there after our adoption was finalized. Not only did they hang in there, they have become a part of our extended family. The staff at Another Choice is always there for me. My adoption has been finalized over three years, and my daughters are still involved in Teen Konnection and other programs offered through the agency.

~ Leroy & Hattie

They told us we would have to go to all these classes. I was not too happy about that since my husband and I had already raised two children. But during the classes, I learned about the foster care experience. I also learned some things about myself. It really helped us to be prepared for the three brothers and sisters that we adopted.

Welcome to Another Choice

Our Pledge
We pledge our ongoing support to our families, for you are the missing piece in the lives of our children.
We pledge our resources, skills and experiences to work in partnership with social workers, adoptive and foster parents,
     GAL, child advocates, community leaders, mental health providers, court officials, and businesses in order to strengthen
     services for children and families.from public and private agencies.
We pledge to remind the community that children without homes must be a concern for all.
Finally, to the children, we pledge our heart and soul to protect your dreams and rekindle your hope.

Accreditation Recognition
The Board of Directors of Another Choice for Black Children, Inc. celebrates a monumental milestone in national adoption month.
Melvin Jackson, Board President, announces that Another Choice for Black Children, Inc. achieved National Accreditation through the Council on Accreditation on November 2012.
On the eve of becoming 18 years old, Another Choice for Black Children, Inc. joins the ranks of public and private agencies committed to improve our community.
This achievement validates Another Choice continuing pursuit of excellence, protecting and respecting client's rights and ensuring the safety and well being of the children we serve.
You made it happen! The incredible families, teens, children who have helped us create this amazing village of support.
The social workers, juvenile court judges, GALs and other stakeholders who referred children to the agency or provided advocacy on their behalf served a critical role.
A special thanks to our consultant, Jennifer Flowers, President of Accreditation Guru who kept us focused, motivated, inspired and sane.
Black Agency Directors Linda West, Ruth Amerson, Gloria King and Rose Jones with Dr. Carol Spigner
Black Agency Directors Linda West, Ruth Amerson, Gloria King and Rose Jones with Dr. Carol Spigner